Download EST dataset, unisequences, predicted peptides, tentative annotations and microarray data by clicking on the links below.

Note: all files are compressed by GNU zip for the convenience of net transfer.

File description Format Size (kb) Download
EST dataset (40,617 trimed ESTs) FASTA 4091 download
Unisequences (10,224 nucleic acid sequences) FASTA 2269 download
Predicted peptides (9,280 amino acid sequences) FASTA 1180 download
Tentative annotations of unisequences EXCEL 232 download
Transcriptional profiles of the responses to antifungal agents EXCEL 42 download
Transcriptional profiles during conidial germination EXCEL 1419 download
CGH results of 22 dermatophytic fungi strains EXCEL 291 download

Hint: you can try batch download if you require a subset of unisequences.